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  • Wellington Augusto

    Wellington Augusto brings his native Brazilian influence to the flavor of Mission Oak Grill in Newburyport and now Mission on the Bay in Swampscott. Combining his love of food with his passion for hospitality, Wellington’s flair for the use of simple, yet potent ingredients and flavors is what sets him apart from his peers. In addition to successfully managing some of the best-known restaurants in Boston, including concepts for celebrity chef Todd English, Wellington has also served as Executive Chef for several of Boston’s most prestigious restaurants. Since leaving his native Brazil in 1984, Wellington has become recognized as one of the area’s most prominent industry figures. By combining his research of distinct culinary styles with his ability to develop teams of stellar kitchen and dining room personnel, Wellington hopes to create a unique and enjoyable dining experience for each guest.
  • David Buckley

    Executive Chef
    David Buckley never imagined his love affair with food that began as a14-year old teenager, would someday lead to his becoming the Executive Chef of Mission Oak and Steeple Hall. His appreciation of food at such a young age led him to work his way through commercial kitchens. Holding every position imaginable has given Buckley a unique understanding of restaurant operations and food preparation, that traditionally- educated chef’s may not be privy to. “It’s about so much more than the food. It’s the full experience from the food to the ambiance, including how the tables are set, and everything in between.” Buckley’s all-encompassing point of view serves him well, as he points out the importance of a good crew. “I rely on my team. I trust them. I only have two hands and it’s up to the entire team to execute a dish. Our dishwasher is just as important as everyone else on the team, in providing a memorable dining experience.” That’s what it is all about.
  • Kerri O’Neil

    Restaurant Manager
    Kerri O’Neill joined Mission Oak Grill in the Spring of 2010. While a native of the North Shore, she spent her formative years in the hospitality industry working in the heart of New York City for celebrity chef Daniel Boulud. Kerri is a graduate of Governor’s Academy and has a BA in Hospitality and Restaurant Management from New England Culinary Institute.